Valentine’s Day Home Decor

DIY+Home+DecorWith Valentine’s Day in just a couple of brief weeks, it is the ideal time fill your home with hearts!¬† The raw material, to make this beautiful item will be wooden fame, a mirror to be fixed in mirror frame, an old necklace to be used in bead decoration about the wooden frame, scissors as a cutting tool, paper sheet to make sun bursts, and glue for attachment of beads and strips of sheets for our lovely mirror the paper strip and place the mirror into wooden frame to be fixed, then removed the beads for necklace and add some glue about the wood frame for beads to be stacked.

DIY Guide: How to hang artwork, pictures, shelves, closet organizers, cabinets, show situations, media storage, speakers, flat screen TVs, kitchen cabinets, heavy mirrors and more on all sorts of walls. Your children will be proud to show their close friends …

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