Benefits of Sealing Your Concrete Garage Floor

stainless steel casters

If your garage is like most of those in the United States, it probably has a poured concrete floor. Poured concrete is very affordable and creates a solid base for the garage itself. Depending on where you live though, that floor might develop cracks and other damage because of the freeze and thaw cycle that you experience each winter. Keeping the floor free from that damage is just one benefit of sealing your concrete floor.

Ample Colors and Designs

When you decide to seal your concrete floor, you’ll have ample colors to choose from as well as some great designs. You can actually stick with the same concrete that you already have and apply a sealant in a new color over the top. That sealant will fill in any gaps and create a level surface on top of the floor. Many companies will also come in and apply that new sealant to the floor for you.

No Damage

Shelving units with stainless steel casters are a great addition to your garage. Those casters let you move the shelves anywhere you want as you organize the space and put things away. Metal shelving can leave deep gouges on concrete floors and scratch the floor too. If you use a sealed concrete, those shelves won’t cause nearly as much damage. You’ll also find that the concrete doesn’t expand and contract due to the freezing and thawing cycles that hit every winter too.

Easy to Clean

If you ever did auto repair work in your garage before, you know how hard removing oil stains can be. Any oil or other fluids that leak out of your car will seep deep into the concrete and leave behind surface stains. Even if you put down kitty litter, those fluids will create some dark stains. Sealed concrete is much easier to clean because the sealant creates a barrier between those fluids and the concrete itself. You can remove stains and leaks with just a few cleaning products. These benefits might just convince you that you should seal your concrete floor as soon as possible.

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