Fun with Laser Tag

A fun game that you can play with friends at almost any age is laser tag. You can usually find a bowling alley, such as Andy Bs, or another fun activity center that offers the game for customers to enjoy. There are a few rules that the staff will go over with you before you begin playing, and some businesses have height requirements so that players are safe. There are a few tricks and tips that can help to improve your game so that you have a better chance at winning.

Wear the Proper Gear

When you’re playing laser tag, you want to wear the proper gear. This is so that you’re comfortable while playing. Wear darker colors to make it harder for the opponent to see you. Sneakers are best when playing this game because you’re going to be running around and ducking around corners to keep from being hit by lasers. Sometimes, it can get cold in the area where you’re playing. Layers are suggested so that you can remove a jacket if you do get too warm. Even though the game will only last for about 15 or 20 minutes, you’re going to sweat, so you need to wear clothing that doesn’t cling to the body. Deodorant is also a good idea since you’re going to be in an enclosed environment.

Tips and Ideas for Winning

Quickly go over the design of the room. Look at where the corners of the room are located and some of the spaces that are darker than others as this will give you an advantage in the game. If there are multiple levels, then try to hide on an upper level so that you can shoot down at the players on the lower level. Only stay in one place for about 30 seconds. The concept of the game is to be active and to tag people.

Keep your back to the wall as much as possible, almost walking like a crab would walk on the beach. Try to make yourself blend in with the darker surroundings. As soon as you see someone, lock your target and shoot. Most vests that are worn in the game have a computer system that will keep track of how many hits you have made and if you’ve been hit. Work together as a team because most games tally the total number of hits to see who wins.

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