I Am Going to Have to Find a New Place

It is a good thing for me that John’s name is on the lease and not mine. Of course he is the one who can not pay his share of the rent and apparently he took my money and bet it on this thing called a bahis siteleri. That means something like casino web site in Turkish (I think so at least). At any rate the landlord says that we are two months behind in the rent. Of course this is not so big of an issue for me. I paid the half of the rent I owed, but I gave it to John and he apparently blew it on betting on soccer matches. At least that is what I understood from what he told me. It was obvious that he has a problem, but of course I am looking out for myself first and foremost. It is my job to make sure that my rent is paid.

Luckily for me I know a guy with a similar problem, although he has a roommate who seems to have quit taking his medications. The guy says that he acts as though he is a million miles away, ignoring all of the people in the room. He says that he acts like a zombie or something of that sort. It is a big deal to him, he seems to be afraid the guy is going to turn into some sort of mass shooter or whatever. At any rate I helped him move out and the two of us got this place for the moment. It is really not that convenient for us, it is a ten minute drive to the campus and it is not on the bus line really. I have to walk about fifteen minutes to get to bus stop then ride for twenty minutes.

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