Preparing for Personal Evangelism

People are the most valuable asset in a service. The calling for every God’s people is to carry out the Great Commission, making everyone a disciple of Jesus. Every Christian who has received salvation from the Lord Jesus Christ automatically becomes a servant of Christ. As a servant, we must exercise our function as salt and light.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a true man of God who has dedicated his life to his various ministries and endeavors to share the word of Jesus Christ.


We are all children of God called to do service, each of us has the gift and ability to be used for the glory of God.

* 1 Peter 4:10

Treat one another, according to the gift that everyone has earned as a good manager of the grace of God.


The tolerance attitude towards other religions is a must but does not necessarily have to sacrifice the essential and fundamental truths for such tolerance. In introducing the truth about Jesus Christ, we do not require a person to convert to Christianity, or to suddenly order them to worship in the church. Evangelizing is not an attempt to Christianize.

The essence of the execution of the Great Commission is “Revealing the reconciliation/reconciliation with God through Jesus Christ”. Not absolute bring a new soul to the church. Well, this is actually not a mistake, but this action is more aimed at the interests of the church’s management rather than the management of the Government of Heaven.

An excellent example has been made by Mother Teresa that in every ministry she does not require people to convert, but rather to the “humanity” ministry in an effort to introduce “Jesus’s face” through her humanitarian service.

In our efforts to evangelize we should just leave it to God. Our job is to “preach”, about how it will continue for every new person at that time to know Jesus. We just leave it to God, He will give us away, and we will just follow it. We must believe that when one hears “gospel news” then there is a power that will lead him to the introduction of a further Jesus, perhaps the result is not immediately visible at the same time and needs the process and time.


The fundamental thing that must be understood by God’s servants is the understanding that INJIL is the simplest thing compared to all the world’s religious systems. The gospel has only “one condition” to bring people to eternal salvation, which is simply “believing”. Here is the simplicity of the gospel.

Just told me to believe it?

It is a response to people who do not know Christ. Whereas in religion I have to do this and that it is possible to enter heaven, there are so many rituals, even having to cross the bridge from the seven hair cutters.

Where is it possible?

But that is true of Christianity, that the gospel of Jesus is very simple. Believe it, and you will be safe.

One of the aims of Pastor Chris’s ministry is to provide encouragement and spiritual assistance for those already associated with sharing the gospel. Unfortunately, this simple gospel is often made complicated by churches. How much we find the church still provides a wide range of conditions for the new souls who want to be baptized. It should give this letter and that, through a long teaching system and complicated bureaucracy. To attend the holy banquet only need to register, there are administrative affairs of entry and exit attestation. For submission children must include birth certificates etc. Apparently, we still love to deal with things that are bureaucratic. Of course, I did not fully resist the administrative requirements. Because a good administration system will make the church better, but it should not be a potential barrier to people coming to Jesus.

One of the good attitudes of our Charismatic brothers is that they are well-coming to new souls. For every new church that wants to be baptized, immediately serve it and be baptized without the complicated church bureaucracy. So, it is not difficult for them to develop the growth of their church compared to other streams. So, do not always assume that this flow likes to siphon other churches. But this system is one of the causes of Charismatic churches growing rapidly. It follows a simplicity that Jesus has done for the criminals beside Him on the cross:

* Luke 23:43

Jesus said to him, “I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise.”

Simple, right?!

Believe and you will survive! The methods of teaching, church order, liturgy, rituals and church laws are many exaggerated improvisations of a simple gospel. Jesus’ emptying himself as a human to the world is a simplification.

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