Rhapsody of Realities News Flash

Many millions of the best selling everyday devotional and Bible learning booklet have been spread in close to 300 countries and nearly 800 languages around the globe. New languages are regularly supplemented, making the divine message convenient to much more individuals in various parts of the globe, consequently realizing the abundance of God’s Word into their lives. It’s not a surprise that the devotional is commonly acquainted with the “Messenger Angel.”

Standing in Christ Embassy is more than being in religion; it’s more than a religion. It’s a perception of a divine reality. When one exalts and reveres at Christ Embassy, one receives more than just the lines in a book; it’s the substance of the word. The Spirit of God gets a grasp of one’s life, and then His Vision enhances reality. He makes that vision possible in such a way that other people also have the ability to understand the word of God.They do so by observing the word of God manifested in one’s life every day. That is the reason that people come to Christ Embassy. That is the reason they are beckoned. This is due to the fact that they are an integral component of something that is higher than a church. Ultimately, it’s revelation, and most importantly, God’s Vision.

The concept is to practice God’s divine closeness to the characters and nations of the World and to confirm the persona of the Spirit. The purpose is to establish generations of gentlemen and women who will come into their heritage to satisfy God’s dream with the determination of bringing them into their legacy.

It’s “Stretch Out” Nigeria period, and supporters of Rhapsody of Realities are celebrating Nigeria’s 57th Nigeria’s liberation festival and will be the presentation of thirty million impressions of Rhapsody of Realities across the globe. The statement for this year’s “Spread Out” Nigeria campaign is spurring more brilliant dreams. And certainly, community developmental plans, informative and other sponsored projects have been established in different areas of the world in line with the theme. “Relinquish Out” Nigeria praying rallies were hosted throughout the country where the partners were honored to pray for Nigeria.

The ceremonies and festivities were a part of a two-month exposition that occurs from October to November. They proudly displayed emerald and white costumes and drew awareness to many individuals and groups across the nation as they obtained their copies of Rhapsody of Realities. They were also led in the petition of salvation. Rhapsody of Realities has been disseminated across Nigeria, from the chairmanship to the government residences to armed forces to schools, sanitariums, marketplaces, in suburban areas, to name a few. Football competitions, workshops, public discourses even prisons were supplied with the book and the word of God.

One follower declared that: “the writing was so beneficial because it explains a lot. No matter when you are learning it, your soul and understanding will increase. Thank you, Pastor Chris, for this moment”.

This exceptional anniversary chronicles 30 years to when a man of God, Reverand Chris Oyakhilome brought up the initial campus fellowship of this particular Ministry. It was not long after that Pastor Chris’s word of God began to expand and equip Churches throughout Africa and the world with pure global impact.

“It has been an age of prosperous times.” Pastor Deola indicates telling us that “we’ve been so honored to be observers of the mysterious, phenomenal events in our lives.” Through the School of Healing and God’s words which are manifested by Pastor Chris, she sure is accurate with her statement. A fantastic characteristic of this year’s IPPC: 2017 will be the Love World archives. These promise to take one on a mission of the ministry from commencement up until now. This trait has reached the hearts and lives of many prior guests, and even though is not a new feature, it will be astonishingly exciting due to the unprecedented 30th anniversary that is being celebrated this year.

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