The International Pastors and Partners’ Conference IPPC 2017

This year’s annual International Pastors and Partner’s Conference ((IPPC) will be held at the LoveWorld Convocation Arena, November 13th-19th, in Lagos, Nigeria. It will be a holy convergence of anointed leaders, hosted by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Following the introduction and open words, the conference will get underway. One rousing event every attendee looks forward to is the celebration of all the stakeholders. This is a time for those who are united in Christ to join together to celebrate their personal victories and accomplishments of 2017. Expect a joyous and uplifting praise ceremony, devoted to sharing the victories of the partners in ministry.

As the founder and President of Believers’ Loveworld Incorporated, Pastor Chris brings together the warriors of Christ. And celebrates them for their unwavering devotion to continuing spreading the love of God, through ministry. Past delegates received staying power to endure the trials and tribulation of living in our trying times. The purpose of the conference is to ignite the spiritual power of manestifications. In addition to the live events held inside the convention site, outlets will broadcast to a worldwide audience at specific locations, off-site.

Chris Oyakhilome holds the IPPC 2017 conference in connection with divine providence. He also has several overreach ministries, including the healing school and the Rhapsody of realities. Divine providence is a proclamation of increasing abundance, blessings and manifestations through the power of the Holy Spirit. The conference calls together the sisters and brothers of Jesus Christ, to empower them to stand firm and keep flourishing.

Esteemed leaders of ministry come together for seven days of inspirational fellowship. The International Pastors and Partner’s Conference was designed by Pastor Christ to unite the top International ministers, partners and leaders in the church of Christ in Nigeria and worldwide. The Loveworld Exhibition Grounds is a backdrop to the conference. When not busy with scheduled events, attendees can enjoy learning about new products and receive input regarding fresh ideas about innovative strategies.

The conference is a widely accepted platform, which increases spiritual insight, through learning about the divine word of God. It helps prepare the ministers and leaders for the upcoming year. Chris Oyakhilome has created three separate arms of divinity, which includes a healing ministry, a teaching ministry, and a prayer network. As the start of 2018 is rapidly approaching, the annual conference is always scheduled in the fall to strengthen God’s warriors. To prepare them to ignite a new season of blessings for the upcoming year. However, the main focus of the IPPC is to encourage in the celebration of other partners. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome as a man with a higher calling, proclaims the word of God year round. The conference is seen as a time to celebrate the accomplishments of other anointed leaders of ministry. The motivation for unity in spirit is carried forth by all who attend. And it is further extended by the brothers and sisters from around the world, who watch the conference at designated viewing sites.

Fostering partnerships and fellowship with praise and celebration helps to keep the vision of Jesus Christ alive and ever evolving. The ministry moves partnerships forward throughout the world. It uplifts delegates by acknowledging their accomplishments, in the presence of one another. Through God’s love, the message of hope is being multiplied. Delegates plant the seeds for those who can’t attend the yearly conference. Those who can travel, come from countries all around the globe to gather together to glorify God. The mission of the IPPC is to build a foundation for a new season of blessings, ignited through partnerships.

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