Tips for Keeping Your Wood Deck Beautiful

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A wood deck is a thing of natural beauty. Because it is so beautiful, your wood deck deserves to be treated like a princess. You need to make sure you do everything possible to protect and maintain your deck. If you give it proper care, you deck will give you a lifetime of enjoyment. Use the following tips to keep your wood deck beautiful.

  1. Watch That Grill

One of the most common ways that homeowners damage their wood decks is by getting grease stains on them from their grills. If you like to grill on your deck, make sure that you use a grease catcher to prevent staining. Grease stains are very difficult or sometimes even impossible to remove.

  1. Shovel Immediately

Even if your wood deck has a good protective sealant, it can be damaged by moisture if exposed to it long enough. When it snows, you need to shovel off your deck as soon as possible. Letting the snow pile up on your deck all winter is very hard on it. Ice will form. When it repeatedly melts and refreezes, the stress can easily lead to the wood warping or cracking.

  1. Clean It Regularly

You should regularly clean your deck. Sweep it frequently to remove dirt and debris. You should also use a hose or a pressure washer to clean it off occasionally. Every couple year, you should hire a professional wood restoration and cleaning company.

A professional cleaning company will make your deck spotless. They can also repair any damage that has occurred. Best of all, the wood deck and restoration company will apply a sealant to your deck. This protective coating will keep the elements from damaging your wood. Sun and weather can quickly age your wood if you do not protect it.

  1. Don’t Paint It

You should never paint your deck unless you enjoy tedious maintenance. Once you have painted your deck, you will deal with a constant nightmare of peeling paint. Instead, you always want to use an oil-based sealant to coat your deck.

  1. Make Repairs Immediately

If one of the boards in your deck is rotting, you should replace it immediately. The rot can spread to the rest of your deck if you are not careful. It is much better to replace one board quickly than to delay and need to replace the whole deck.

Your deck will outlast you if you take care of it well. The key is to stay on top of the regular maintenance. Keep it clean with regular sweeping and washing. You also need to turn to a professional wood deck cleaning company for a thorough cleaning and sealing every few years. With a high level of maintenance, your deck will always look beautiful.

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