Who can be an author of trademark or copyright in UAE?

copyright in UAE

We all are aware of the fact that trademark, as well as copyrights, add so much value to the businesses. We will discuss in detail in this article, let’s look at the review!

Trademark Registration Dubai, UAE

There is nothing fixed about the authorship of the trademark. You can do it by yourself or take the help of someone else. All you need is a unique trademark to make sure that you have a distinctive feature that is helping the people in differentiating you from other companies or brands.

People submit the application for the Local Trademark Registration to the authorities and then the further processing of the trademark occurs. The main thing that should be there regarding the trademark is its uniqueness. People prefer creativity in their brands and trademarks but the main thing that holds all the weight is the uniqueness. If your trademark is not unique, you cannot work with it. this is because your trademark will not get registered until or unless it is unique from the rest of the people.

If you already have something unique about your business and its logo or anything related to it, you should get it registered because if someone else registers the same thing before you, all your hard work will go in vain. So, make sure that you do it as soon as possible.


In case of the copyrights, I a person has written something new like a book or the lyrics of the song or anything like that, he will be the author of that thing or piece of art or whatever it is.

You create a piece of work and then you apply for its registration. In this way your copyrights will get reserved for you and nobody will be allowed to copy them without taking your permission.

If you see someone copying anything whose copyrights are reserved, you can sue them and take them to the court because what’s yours is yours and nobody should be allowed to copy it if you do not want them to copy it.

Have you seen anyone copying the work of a singer who sings particular lyrics of a song? No!  do you know why? this is because they reserve the copyrights. This is why nobody copies their work and their work gets saved from any damage at all.

It proves to be really helpful when you register your trademark or get a copyright of anything. This is because you get the rights over that thing in case of the copyright while in case of the trademark you get your own identity which others can’t share with you. this is the best thing about both the trademarks and the copyrights.

If you also run a business and you do not have a registered trademark for it, you should get it now because this is the way you can save your brand name from others or else anyone would copy it and make your existence in the market miserable.

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