5 Best Places to Spend Your Dussehra Break in India

India is an amazing country. Full of wonderful cities and beautiful landscapes, this Asian paradise is a must-visit for all. Low-cost flights to India and now easy to find. Here are just some of things you’ll want to experience during your Dussehra break.


Rajasthan is just the right place to say bye to the retreating summer. It’s neither too warm nor too chilly here at this time which makes it the perfect place to linger at while the winter readies itself to freeze your lives. Jodhpur hosts the Marwar festival (held to pay tribute to the heroes of Rajasthan) in October. The festival, like any other, is a riot of color, culture, art, and cuisine.

Jaisalmer, which is literally blazing during the summer months, is pleasant at this time. In fact, the best months to visit the city are from October to March. Likewise with Jaipur which sees milder temperatures from October onwards. The Pink City is famous for its forts, palaces, and bazaars. Lots of souvenir-buying options here. And in case you are a wildlife enthusiast or have children in front of whom you have to pretend to be one, you could also go to Ranthambore and Sariska Tiger Reserves from Jaipur.


Another place to go to is Kota where Dussehra festival is celebrated with much gusto and is quite popular with tourists.

And if you want to witness the legendary Ramlila and the burning of Ravan, Delhi is your city. Throughout the city, elaborate Ramlila performances are held by local troupes, the best ones being in Chandni Chowk.


This is the place that sees the best and most large-scale Dussehra celebrations in the country. Kullu’s Dussehra goes on for ten days and attracts visitors from across India. The festivities end with a small procession in which an idol of Raghunath, the reigning deity of the Kullu valley, is carried.


It’s a 2-week autumn break. It’s a 2-week trip to South India. Kerala’s backwaters are best visited at this time of the year. Good time to undertake a trip to the south. The weather is also perfect for Ayurvedic massages. It’s not the spring season of allergies, nor summers of heat and sweat. Post monsoon, the air is clean, the dust has settled, and it’s not humid anymore. And on your way to Kerala, you can make a stop at Mysore and attend the famous 10-day Dasera (Dussehra) festival there.

Alleppey in Kerala

Mysore’s Dasara procession

If you plan to do a longer trip to the south Indian destinations, you can take a Lil detour and check out Khajurao in Madhya Pradesh too, if you haven’t already been to the cave temple site. More time on your hands? Visit Hampi in Andhra Pradesh.



Best time to visit the icy north and see snow without actually freezing yourself to inaction. Before it gets real cold up there in North India, you better visit the valley. These months are not severe in terms of cold. The weather is just chilly enough to snuggle up to each other in the shikhara. Now you wouldn’t get to see Ravan’s effigies being put to flames, but who said anything about celebrating Dussehra; we are here for some good fun.


A pandal inspired by contemporary design

Kolkata is fun during the navratra season. Durga Puja is obviously the biggest event in Bengal. Think you wanna miss that? Hop on from pandal to pandal deciding which one you like best. Fancy, artistic, exquisite, the decorations are like nothing you would have seen before (unless you have attended Durga Puja in Kolkata before). Revel in the colors and gorge on the sweets, which will be in plenty here. The Bengalis love their food.

There might be heavy or light showers in the northeast. Sikkim can prove to be a little wet. Guwahati is a safe bet. At the most, you’d encounter a light drizzle which is the best time to see the stunning Garo and Khasi hills covered with greenery.

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