Basic Hair Care Tips


Certainly, it is important for people to have a good understanding of basic hair care tips. Those that really have a deep interest in hair care, styling, and advanced hair care techniques should consider attending the Academy of Hair Design. However, just about every man or woman should realize that their hair is an indicator of their health and the way that they feel about life. For example, a woman with a flamboyant hairstyle probably has a personality to match. Another woman with her hair combed flat and covering her face is probably more introspective and demure. Here a few tips to keep your hair shiny, bouncy, and healthy.

Your hair reflects the food that you eat. If you consume unhealthy foods, your hair will more than likely look dull and lifeless. Here is something to remember. The hair is mostly protein. Therefore, it is important to consume proteins to keep the hair healthy and promote growth. Include plenty of green, leafy vegetables, zinc and iron rich foods to promote strong hair.

Shampoo Frequency

How often should you shampoo? Well, it all depends on your hair type. Some women are able to go a week without shampooing their hair, while others shampoo their hair daily. Stick to the method that works best for your hair and keeps it clean and manageable. Never comb wet hair. Always use your fingers to apply the shampoo. Rinse hair thoroughly, after shampooing.

Shampoo & Conditioning

Forget about applying those rather expensive shampoo and conditioners with the exotic ingredients to your hair. Instead, concentrate on applying mild formula products to your hair or a product that is specifically designed for your hair type. For example, dry hair formula, oily hair formula, or normal hair formulas. Shampoo the hair less frequently, if your hair is dry or damaged. Follow the instructions on the shampoo and conditioner container for best results.

Drying Your Hair

Over blow drying your hair, leads to dry hair. Of course, you don’t have to give up blow drying completely. Instead, opt to let your hair dry naturally sometime. This one step will reduce moisture loss and damage to your hair. It’s also a good idea to reduce curling iron and straightening iron usage to protect your hair’s overall health.

The key to great looking hair is proper hair care. Start with the basics. Follow the tips included here to keep hair looking and feeling great.

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