Challenges And Possibilities Of Organizational Behavior

Management An organization chart for the United States Coast Guard shows the hierarchy of managerial roles in that organization. Mayo is one leading management thinker and also a leading advocate of neo-classical theory. This is most likely to make trade unions weak and hence they oppose scientific management. It makes use of distinct plans, policies, decisions and types for distinct conditions.

As per systems management school, an organisation is looked upon as an artificial system. Right after 1950s, it was proved that productivity improvement, as a outcome of far better working situations and the human relations abilities of manager’s did not result in productivity improvement as anticipated. The contingency management method is related to known leadership theory referred to as situational leadership theory.Management 

Mayo is regarded as revolutionary thinker due to the fact of his contribution to the management thought in the current period. At present, tension is on scientific management principles as well as on human strategy to management. He gave general concepts of common management and suggested the basic functions of management. Management adjusts itself to the changing atmosphere generating appropriate forecasts and changes in the policies.

It is assumed that young men and women will choose management as an occupation and will progress from reduced to middle and from middle to top management positions. Develops group spirit: Management develops team spirit and raises all round efficiency of a business enterprise. In addition, scientific management will bring down the price and thereby boost the profits.

Separation of ownership and management is a special feature of modem business organisation. Initial, the development of a accurate science, second, the scientific selection of the workers, third, their scientific education and development, Froth, intimate co-operation amongst management and their men.

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