Fun and Safe Boating Experiences


Rhode Island, although the smallest state by area in the continental United States, has a diverse offering of things to do from world class dining to historical sightseeing. Providence serves as the capital of The Ocean State and home to restaurants, theater, and a lively art scene. Rhode Island, sometimes affectionately referred to as “Little Rhody” is home to 400 miles of coastline, offering those seeking boating fun a “wicked good” place to enjoy the sun and surf.

Boating can be a fun and exhilarating activity but it should be treated with the same care and caution as any other sport, especially one that involves a watercraft. Small or large, motorized or non-motorized, as a passenger on any vessel, you need to be concerned about your safety. Here are a few steps to take to avoid injury as a passenger on a boat:

  • Take care when loading and unloading from a boat

Getting on and off a boat can be a bit tricky and can be the cause of many accidents. Be sure to follow the boat owner’s directions of loading and unloading the vessel. The boat owner should follow guidelines provided for their boat to avoid injury or accidents.

  • Understand where the safety equipment is

Boat owners should maintain proper safety equipment such as life jackets, fire extinguisher, and first aid kit. Make sure you know where all of this equipment is located. This should be non-negotiable for any boat passenger.

  • Learn the proper use of safety equipment

It’s not enough to just know where the safety equipment is, make sure you understand how to use it if the need arises. Don’t be caught by surprise in the event of an emergency and find that you don’t know how to properly use any of the equipment. During instruction, it may be a good time to inspect items to make sure there are no concerns over the maintenance of any of the safety equipment.

Following the easy steps outlined above and following the directions of the boat owner should help make any boating activity fun and safe. Sometimes, even with proper care, accidents happen. Injuries could arise from slip and fall accidents that could have been avoided to the improper maintenance of a boat or its safety equipment.

If you do find yourself injured because of someone else’s negligence, seek professional help from a trusted Providence, RI personal injury lawyer. Hiring an attorney can help you navigate the complexities of a personal injury case such as hiring any experts, application of appropriate laws and limits and negotiating a settlement.

Rhode Island has something for everyone. You can lay back and relax on one of the quaint, quiet beaches, enjoy delicious seafood at one of the world class restaurants or seek a little excitement from one of the many water sports. Remember, to always stay vigilant of potential hazards especially if you’re going out on a boat and seek professional help in the event you are injured.

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