Can’t Unplug from Work During Your Holiday in Bali? How You Can Still Be Productive While Relaxing

The whole idea behind a vacation is that you step away from work and your everyday life, you leave all those stresses and responsibilities at home, and you get away for relaxation. While that sounds perfectly wonderful, the fact is that not everyone can unplug from work while on vacation. It may not mean that you need to be next to your phone and/or laptop at all times but stepping away completely just might not be practical.

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If you’ve been eyeing a vacation to the tropical and exotic destination of Bali, but you are one of the many who can’t unplug from work, fear not, as it doesn’t mean you can’t still go away. There are plenty of ways that you can remain productive and yet still make the absolute most of your holiday. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Look for a Hotel with Internet Access

The first priority will be to search for a hotel or resort that provides high-speed, reliable internet access. If you need to be able to connect with the office, check emails, and exchange documents and files then you need to know your laptop will work at your hotel or resort. Ideally, you also want to look for a hotel that offers in-room access, so you aren’t having to camp out in the lobby for free access.

Take, for example, the Seminyak Beach Resort in Bali, which offers standard internet service for all guests, free of charge. Not only that but their rooms and villas provide plenty of space for you to spread out and work.

Make a List of Priorities Before You Leave Home

You will also want to make a list of work priorities that need to be done while you’re gone. You can then refer to that list as you prepare what items you need to take with you and load on your computer. With so many cloud storage options available today, it can make accessing documents a breeze.

While you’re gone, you can make your way through the list and be sure not to pile any other responsibilities on yourself.

Set and Share Work Hours with Your Company

Unless you are prepared to walk around with your phone, tablet, and/or laptop on you at all times it can also be helpful to set work hours for each day. Let your employer know what hours of the day you will be available. Outside of those hours, you know you are free, and you can totally unplug. Ideally, an hour in the morning and an hour at the end of the day is perfect, as it will still leave you plenty of free time.

Push Work Out of Your Mind

Finally, once you are able to close up your laptop and take a break, make sure you do just that. Don’t think about work, don’t just “quickly check in”, put it completely out of your mind.

Each of these tips will help you to stay productive while away, yet still, enjoy your vacation.

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