Keeping your Family Safe from Ticks

2017 is predicted to be one of the worst tick seasons in years. Ticks aren’t just pests, they spread diseases in pets, livestock, and people, not to mention wild animals like mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. Tick control can be achieved by taking a few precautions.

Reduce or eliminate tick habitat

Ticks thrive in wooded areas, under leaves, around stone walls, and woodpiles. Reducing these habitats is a strong first step to having a tick-free yard. Keep woodpiles tidy and as dry as possible. Rake and remove fallen leaves. Any shaded or damp place in your yard is at risk of harboring ticks.

Keep grass trimmed regularly

If you live on the edge of a wooded space, it’s especially important to trim tall grasses along the perimeter of your yard. Keep trees trimmed and do not allow them to come into contact with any structures, decks, or play areas.
One last key to keeping your home and yard tick-free is keeping your pets tick free. Medicate them against fleas and ticks to avoid having them bring the pest inside your home.

Mice and Vermin

Keep wild animals away from your yard as much as possible. Large animals carry adult ticks, but smaller animals like mice and other rodents can bring larval ticks well into your domesticated space.
Outdoor clutter can provide a habitat for mice and rats. Garden pots, unused landscaping bricks, an old boat, can all provide a space for vermin. Clearing out this clutter or at least keeping items neatly stacked and properly stored will keep away pests.
Perimeter Spray One of the most effective ways to prevent tick bites is to have professional pest controllers spray your yard. Creating a chemical barrier helps keep your tick-free area, tick free.
When selecting a tick control service, make sure that the spray they use is environmentally friendly, as well as safe for kids and pets. Also, it’s important that the pesticide used targets both adult ticks and ticks still in the larval stage.
Having a professional spray your lawn can keep your yard and family safe for the entire tick season. Most pest controllers will have a guarantee and spray again for free if ticks do emerge again before the end of the season.
Maintaining a tidy outdoor area and using environmentally-safe chemicals to treat your yard and your pets are the keys to keeping your yard and your loved ones free from ticks and the serious diseases they can cause. Once these precautions are taken, you can feel at ease in your outdoor spaces for the rest of the summer.

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