Modern designs for Kitchen Cabinets

If you don’t have a lot of money to remodel the kitchen, then consider remodeling just the cabinets. This simple change can make a world of difference in the kitchen. It doesn’t take a lot of time to complete, and you won’t spend as much money as you would be changing larger aspects of the room, such as the floor or the walls.

Changing the Texture

One of the ways that you can transform the appearance of the kitchen using Home Builders cabinets is to add grooves. There are a few tools that you can use to add grooves to the cabinets to get them depth. The design idea allows you to create elegant scallops along the edges of the cabinets or masculine lines for a kitchen that doesn’t see a lot of color and decoration. Another idea that makes the cabinets look like they are textured is a distressed design. All you need is a small amount of black paint to achieve this look, gently pressing the paint onto the surface of the cabinets so that it looks like they are older. The design works best with cabinets that are of a darker color, such as blue or green.

An Open System

A popular trend with cabinets is an open design. You can remove the cabinet doors so that only the shelves show on the walls or remove the center area of the cabinet doors, replacing it with glass. Once you decide which design works best in your kitchen, you can choose a color to paint the walls as it will show whether you have glass doors or an open shelf design.

Off the Floor

If you have young children, then raised cabinets might be an idea to consider. This idea will also make it easier to clean the floors as there’s nothing on the surface. You won’t see crumbs in front of cabinets or scuff marks from people kicking the lower portion of the cabinets.

Blended Materials

Instead of using only one material when designing the kitchen cabinets, use multiple materials. However, if you use more than about three, then it can give a cluttered and overwhelming appearance. Stainless steel drawers work well in a kitchen with lighter cabinets. You can also add stainless steel hardware, such as knobs or hinges so that everything flows in the room.

Bold Designs

If you want a modern look in the kitchen, then use a lacquer paint in a bright color, such as teal or green. This paint will give a shine to the room that will be highlighted when the lights are on or when the sunshine comes through the windows. Add decorations that stand out against the base color. Wood accents work well with this kind of paint and will offer a natural beauty to a contemporary room.

When you begin changing the kitchen cabinets, you need to have some kind of plan in place. The cabinets are usually a large part of the kitchen, so you want to make sure the design is something you’re going to enjoy for some time to come. Consider talking to a professional company to get a better idea as to how to get started and what to use in the kitchen.

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