Tropical Drinking in Key West, Florida

Wild night at the Schooner Wharf Bar? Trying to emulate Hemingway at the Green Parrot? Did you rent a place near the lighthouse like Ernest did because you knew it would be the only way you’d be able to find your way back? Is Fantasy Fest still going on? Who gave you those beads?

Key West is a haven all its own and famous for its drinks. The number of festivals on the island is breathtaking and they happen one after the other. Every one of these festivals calls for a celebration of drinks and that means you won’t find a better cocktail in most of the world. The Pirate Festival? Rum drinks, of course! The island fills with Jack Sparrow lookalikes and people who are invested in the pirate history of the islands and the Caribbean as a whole. Then the Jimmy Buffett festival, which calls for tropical concoctions of all kinds. Fantasy Fest’s hedonistic vibe means it’s time for drinks again and the bars on Duval Street are filling up all day and night.

The concept of a tropical island vacation is very strong in Key West and many establishments support the freewheeling, alcohol-fueled adventures of tourists ‘wasting away again in Margaritaville’. This also means terrible hangovers for a lot of people who have overindulged or who aren’t used to imbibing the amount of booze available all over the island. There are now IVs in Key West Hangover Relief available for just these reasons. You don’t want to lose your entire vacation to lying in bed.

Key West has many other attractions apart from its drinks and bars. The small historic island offers a Shipwreck Museum, trolley and train rides, and the opportunity to go out sailing on a three-masted schooner. Some of these gorgeous wooden sailboats also offer stargazing and sunset trips. You can even get married on-board!

If relaxing on the beach is your kind of thing, the laid-back vibe of Key West is definitely for you. A combination of hedonism and history, the place feels exactly like you’d expect a pirate port to be. Palm trees and sandy beaches with warm blue water and drinks on the sand. You can be as refined as you like or as free as you want on this island as the culture there is extremely permissive. The island hosts Fantasy Fest, after all.

The Florida Keys are some of the most beautiful islands in the United States. They are wonderful for snorkeling and swimming, lazing by the water, or dancing the night away in the beach bars. Remember to drink responsibly when you are down in Key West. Your body will thank you, and you’ll be able to keep going throughout your vacation.

After spending some time in the Keys, you’ll start to recognize exactly what Jimmy Buffett was talking about in his music. There’s really nowhere like Key West and you will find that the people you meet on the island are worth of songs themselves.

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